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Blog : Drone Parenting

Too much leading and we create anxiety for children”. Too much following and the same is true. In wisdom we find balance between the two “- Vince Gowman.

With the outbreak of the Corona Pandemic the World of education changed drastically. Although the outbreak was all over the world, in countries, cities and rural areas so much so that in world map hardly any place remained unaffected.

The impact may have been rudely felt in all aspect of normal life, be it offices, businesses, markets, clubs, malls, leisure activities, hospitality industry but the impact was high voltage in the Educational sector. With the lock down schools, colleges, universities and educational institutes closed initially for few weeks, which kept getting extended and now indefinitely. Cambridge & Columbia University hence already declared that they would not open before Academic session 2021. Schools & teachers were quick to adapt to new compulsions and online education lessons, class test, and exams became the new normal. Parents, children & families all leaned towards technology and increasingly are becoming dependent on it. To acquire knowledge i.e., education maintain employability and seek solutions to adopt and learn new way of life which demanded staying safe indoors.

You will all agree that one of the biggest challenges of today is parenting which we face day after day.

Our children have easy access to everything which is leading to various issues they are facing.

We wish to protect our children from drugs, Vaping, drinking, smoking, body shaming, depression, frustration and anxiety, yet we are not sure to what extend we are helping them.

Now is the time to navigate these challenging roads.

Many play schools, primary schools, middle school of Noida and at expressway Noida are trying to gain insight into these problems. Many schools have gained good reputation specially in secondary and senior secondary levels in Noida and Greater Noida by being empathetic and walking extra mile to tackle these niggling problems.

This brings me to attract my reader’s attention towards different styles of parenting and the need to blend different styles of parenting to shape up good “Human Being”.

Let us discuss helicopter Parenting:

Helicopter Parenting – till recently we used to get flustered with the helicopter parenting - A helicopter parent is a parent who pays extremely close attention to a child’s problems and challenges particularly at school. We call them Helicopter parents because like helicopter they hover “overhead” constantly monitoring child’s life. Which in turn leads to “separation anxiety” in child as well as parents, ruins independent thinking, decision making and somewhat makes the child under confident and anxious. Now let us compare the Airplane with a Helicopter. Airplane moves in one direction choses its right course and moves away whereas helicopter can go “up and down”, change its direction at will and keeps on spinning overhead so like helicopter parent wants to control the direction. It is over protective kind of parenting and parent lays entire path for the child. It gives control and certainty to parents and they think they know exactly what you want to do and how you want to do. Product of Helicopter parenting i.e., the child will never learn what to do with the uncertainty.

There is no doubt we are living in uncertain times & future of countries & family is now on crossroads of uncertainty and it is time to make our children more self-reliant unlike decades ago helicopter parents.

Present day young parents i.e. MILLENIALS tend to be DRONE PARENTS. Increasingly dependent on technology to monitor children’s health, mood swings and educational progress. This could be obsessing monitoring of their child’s life. Incidentally millennial parents are also referred as generation ‘Y’ parent pour within two decades of 1980-2000. They are shaped by not natural ways but technology as to how they think, communicate and entertained. In the quest to be a good parent, they get more stressed balancing between job & home monitoring or drone parenting with mobile devices.

The need of the hour with the online classes as expressed by the principal Dr. Upma Arora of JBM Global School, one of the Top International Schools in Noida, is that Millennial or Drone parents must soak in the emerging need of the present moment is that since present day parents are better suited to follow and influence the correct use of technology. They need to be connected with the children as role models to absorb tech life to certain limit and retain humane qualities in day to day interaction rather than overpowering teachers and their own children by consistent observations & comments. Emotional connect is very important.

Some of the best things can still happen despite tensions and frustration of newly found pandemic lifestyle like special touch, glint in the eyes, constant emotional support & guide your children to respect teachers as gurus. While unraveling their strengths drone parents also use ‘GEOFENCE’ for limiting the child’s online activity. Some positives & negatives must be kept in mind with this technology driven drone parenting positives.

1. It makes children comfortable to express their feelings and opinions

2. They become more open minded and intelligent

3. Capable of understanding games & videos.


1. The freedom makes children oppose rules & break rules at home & school or while social interaction.

2. Children become addicted to gadgets

3. Gadget overuse leads to speech delay.

4. Lack of acceptance of other self-centered and impatience

We at JBM Global School, are here to conclude that with time we need to grapple with the situation. With the balanced approach we must set boundaries & discipline for children to hone up their pleasant personalities. Let us give them small tasks to self-manage their routines like playing and sleeping time.

Today’s obedience will lead to later obeying of rules in life. Must not forget to keep them engaged with nature around them through digital classes which are the must to stimulate their minds, & keep them away from mental exhaustion, peep on starry skies, rising sun, calming moon and chirping of birds perched on green trees is the best way to cope up. Parents wake up & let us join hands to be felicitators & usher our children in positive tomorrows.

So, to cope up with the present situation let children use technology only for studying nothing more.

Let us involve them in activities like setting & dusting their rooms, helping in working and gardening and self-managing their day to day affairs.

“For children there is no division between playing and learning. The child learns while living and part of living that is enjoyable is also play”.

AATAMNIRBHARTHA’ begins with this, then the Nation.

Yes, we are all Corona warriors, we shall overcome.

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