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JBM Global School – One of the Schools on Noida Expressway

World is going through crisis of COVID 19 pandemic and it has led to online classes becoming a good option for learners to continue learning and ensuring social distancing being maintained. Almost all educational institutions have been imparting education through this medium. From last three months, the educators of JBM Global School which is one of the schools on Noida Expressway, have been striving hard to provide and ensure best educational services.

A number of meetings, webinars and training sessions were organized at the school level, district, state and national level. Even the Educational Boards have been extending their valuable support to make this a qualitative approach towards education. But there are many challenges too and these challenges are both for the educators as well as the learners, everyone is struggling to overcome them.


NEED OF DIGITAL EXPERTISE: Although people are using electronic gadgets and cyber technology on daily basis but then communicating on your own mobile and working for call center is different. Suddenly every educator felt that they could not access some of the soft wares and functions. They had to develop good skills by taking demo classes and getting trained.

Learners are also facing similar problems and there are so many problems they had to face and main FAQ’S were:

  •    •  How to get connected?

  •    •  Not getting connected?

  •    •  Meeting password could not be accepted?

  •    •  Unable to share the necessary text and diagrams?

  •    •  Unable to mute and unmute?

As the time passed by and more and more classes are conducted and people have become techno-savvy, they have achieved expertise in digital medium and these classes have encouraged a major portion of society to develop digital skills.


SIGNAL SCARECITY: Although we have access to internet through Wi Fi, mobile networks etc. but online classes need uninterrupted heavy data. Some specific regions have problem of signals. A teacher shared her experience as she had to sit in a park to take classes because her home was in no signal zone. She shared her experience that every day she was going to park and sitting on a bench, every time she had to face new problems by surroundings and it was very difficult to sit in an open place to deliver her lecture. This problem is also faced by learners as they get disconnected and had to join again and again. This created disturbance in class and they had to bear the scolding of teacher but they didn’t want to leave their classes.

LACK OF MOTIVATION: Students who are new to the online environment or who have lower motivation and drive have tendency to fall behind or get confused. Creating a structure for the class and clearly communicating deadlines and due dates for assignments had helped to overcome this challenge. Although it is not necessary to have advanced technical skills, it is important to feel comfortable using a computer and navigating the Internet. Slow connections had also made accessing course platforms and materials frustrating.

FEELING OF ISOLATION: As human beings are social and students as well as teachers are used to a social structure called school. Online classes created a feeling of being isolated sitting in front of screen for hours and attending the classes disturb kids and adolescents as they develop feeling of being alone. Students need proper counseling to keep them balanced and motivated. Family needs to cooperate with learners to enable them to make maximum use of online classes. There were other problems also which kept parents worried about their children.

PSYCHOLOGICAL PROBLEMS: A number of cases of depression and psychological syndromes have come up due to students not been able to adjust to online classes. Though teachers are trying their best to make their classes interactive and dynamic. Teachers keep on using various audio–video modules to attract students. But some students who are unable to adjust and have pressure of attending the class without interest, develop such anxieties and have to be dealt with good emotional support and remedial counseling.

ACADEMIC ASSESSMENT: The testing of learning to know the actual output is very important part of academics but testing and assessment is not very genuine through online test. Giving test in informal environment, attraction towards undue helps and problem in entering and submitting links makes it more problematic. Recently when a test was taken and after finishing time, it was found that few students could not submit test and were quite frustrated and the teacher had to make efforts to calm them down and provide them necessary counseling.

CONCLUSION: Although online classes provide flexibility, a good source of knowledge and self-pace learning facility to students but then teaching-learning process is full of challenges. In near future researches would be undertaken to remove the obstacles which come in the way and methods would be developed to make online learning more fruitful.

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