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Natural “Mixi”….. Our mouth

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Natural “Mixi”….. Our mouth

One of the favourite rhymes of tiny tots and adults alike – Johnny Johnny………………… Yes Papa Eating sugar……………….. No Papa Telling lies…………………. No Papa Open your mouth……………. Ha Ha Ha!!!! This ha ha ha turns into ouch ouch with cavities. We eat refined or fast food, chocolates, candies, cakes, sweet juices, cold drinks, sweets yet most children don’t even rinse their mouth what to talk of brushing their teeth. We want all the parents to know the importance of dental checkups regularly. Almighty has been generous enough to provide us with natural mixi, mixer, blender and juicer that churns, grinds, purees, liquidify whatever we eat with our ivory blades called “teeth” in a mixing bowl called “mouth”. Yet we do not care of this natural mixi although we know, we cannot replace it like the electric mixis. It is not use and throw, our natural mixi is use and reuse from birth onwards till all stages of life. Yet we show apathy towards it through bad mouth hygiene and sheer neglect that is why dentist have roaring business. Children who establish good oral hygiene habits at a young age are more likely to continue excellent brushing as adults and experience less dental problems throughout life and maintain a positive self-image and performs better in school. The best way to protect child’s teeth is teach the child good dental habits. Starting dental hygiene early with kids teaches them the importance of proper oral health from the beginning as keeping the mouths clean will help prevent the spread of germs as kids stick their hands in their mouths, play with toys or other children around. A healthy mouth promotes better overall health, and that’s something is required at all ages and stages of life!! Healthy eating and drinking not only plays an integral role in overall health, but also has a profound impact on oral hygiene. To maintain hygiene and reduce the risk of cavities, few healthy habits can be adopted on daily basis by the children like filling sippy cups with water only, limiting candies / chocolates and snacks between meals, eating or drinking after brushing etc. Being a role model for children and maintaining good oral hygiene is important and eating foods that do not promote bacterial growth in the mouth.