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We, the JBM family, pledge to honor the following commitment.

We recognize that small actions and changes in our life, home and community will add up to make a big difference to our environment.

We understand that we share our planet with other living beings and also realize that we have a responsibility to help create a sustainable world for the future generations.

As a family, we pledge to STOP. START and CONTINUE green actions, pledged the JBM fraternity.

A pledge to adopt a green lifestyle to save the future of our prized possessions – children & the only habitable planet our Earth endorses a strong belief that our environment is our responsibility.

Poster Making, Creative Writing, Street Plays, MIMEs, Special Assemblies, Best Out of Waste, Power Point Presentations, Debates, Group Discussions along with planting and nurturing a sampling involve and sensitize children to hold themselves accountable for their actions and need to be lifelong environmentalists.

Rain Water Harvesting, Regular Classroom Garbage Auditing, Compost Pit are the initiatives to endorse the same by the school.

The school is making a conscious effort to have green changes in the lifestyle of each child.