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World of schooling beyond class x

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School plays an important role in overall grooming of a child and after the boards in Class X children feels relaxed as well as nervous for future endeavors. It is a crucial and transitional time for students to choose the stream of subjects which will help them to make their career. JBM Global School is one of the best schools in Noida who gives integrated learning approach for Classes XI & XII.

JBM Global School believes in cultivating, expanding, enlightening and fostering positive outlook towards education. We have Integrated Learning Program (ILP) for XI and XII which focuses student for preparing IIT, PMT, AIEEE and CBSE Board during the schools hours by accomplished and result oriented faculty with a marvelous rate of achievement. The management at JBM Global School considers individualized attention to the senior secondary students and strict vigilance is given by square of supervision such as Class Teacher, Administrative Director, Academic Director and Principal.

Counseling plays an important role in structuring the young minds and building a focus towards pursuing a particular career and hence identifying a definite stream of subjects. At JBM Global School career counseling sessions are frequently given by qualified personnel. There are various workshops done by university placement cell that work on profile building and give suggestions for various professional lives. The student teachers share a healthy bond and therefore students feel free to discuss both professional and emotional problems. Giving and taking feedbacks are encouraged and parents are given reports based on the performance of the students and the feedbacks of the teachers.

The primary benefits of students studying in JBM Global School pursing their plus two are –

Competitive and CBSE board contents are covered in within the school hours

JBM Global School has quality infrastructure that accommodate and makes a comfortable study atmosphere for the students of Class XI and XII. In the school hours only the CBSE as well as competitive examination course is prepared. We have in house teachers who are highly competent to teach the regular course keeping in mind the board syllabus and the competitive exams like JEE and NEET. Teachers in JBM give extra attention and one to one focus to make their concepts clear so that they do not need any extra coaching classes.

Separate coaching and tuitions not required

Teachers in JBM Global School link the study materials in such a way that if a student’s follows the teachers regularly they will not require additional tuitions for any competitive tests. Teachers create a profound relevance of concepts and prepare the students for CBSE board and competitive examinations.

Self study time

Students of XI, XII require enough time to do self study as the concepts discussed in class must be learnt and understood sincerely. Since the teachers in JBM are competent to teach the fundamentals of the NCERT syllabus and the entrance tests the students have ample time to self study. Teachers guide them to make time table and suggests how much time to be given to each subject. Children have enough time to practice and do self analysis as they do not require external tutorials. Students can also directly ask for teacher’s help if there are any doubts and explanations.

Online study material and also books

JBM Global School has e-library and the students can access the same in regular school hours. Senior students of XI and XII download online materials on related subjects from our e-library and can also explore various books available in our regular school library.

Effective assignments and study given during holidays and vacations

Holidays and vacations are great time for student to relax as well as to do self study. They have ample time to understand the concepts and practice. Teachers of JBM Global School give creative, effective and interesting homework assignments. These assignments are useful and have a wider cover of subjects with in depth analysis and evaluations.

Workshops on stress management and memory retention

JBM Global School frequently organizes workshops on tensions and stress management classes for the students. In our school teachers practice Compassionate motivation, where they just do not motivate the students to score good marks in examinations but also are compassionate towards them, they feel from within and if a child is not performing well they communicate individually, to build their inner strength.

Saving on additional fees for coaching

Parents of Class XI and XII children have an extra burden of paying fees to the coaching classes. JBM Global School has incorporated integrated learning programme very profoundly that students have an edge on other students.

JBM Sports and Fitness Program

Sports and physical education plays an impactful role in the overall education. For a holistic development and fosters social and emotional skills like honesty, team work fair play, adhere to rules and respecting others and themselves. JBM Global School has international standard sport complex and 18 excellent outdoor and indoor sports facilities students of Class XI and XII can explore academies of cricket, basketball, soccer, skating, tennis, football, karate and Billiards. One hour is dedicated to sports and under the supervision of competent sports coaches the students have structured sports. Students have the option to participate in competitions and interschool activities. Just as philosophy and arts encourages in intellectual and spiritual sides, sports develops the growth of body and maintains the physique. JBM believes in keeping a balance between mind, body and spirit and therefore Fitness Program is essential.


JBM Global School has the concept of home away from home with world class learning facilities. There is day boarding, 5 day boarding and regular boarding for 7 days. Students have the opportunity to interactive session with the teachers. Teachers’ weekly form Parent Teacher Association and parents are aware of the student’s welfare. With genuinely dedicated faculty the School has fulfilled in providing global education to the students. The admission process based on the CGPA of the Class X students and admission is strictly allocated on the basis of merit. According to the school’s philosophy the students are encouraged towards excellence.