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Technology has made us lonely

Posted by Admin



The internet and technology is a trap, a trap that has captured the youth of tomorrow and is degrading then mentally to their absolute worst. There’s more to loneliness than the number of people you know. The internet builds insecurity within young people, insecurity about who they are and whether or not they meet the 'image' of someone who’s likely to be popular. The internet had led to people lacking social skills, which means they are unable to open up to others. When people can’t be vulnerable and own up to their real selves, they end up trying to be someone else and isolate themselves from everyone else. They feel as if they’re not accepted and slowly they limit themselves only to their social media as we have built expansive social networks online, the depth of our networks offline has decreased substantially.

Technology has become an escape, but there is no guarantee whether your friends on the internet really mean well and this poses a threat. At least one cybercrime was reported every 10 minutes in India in the first six months of 2018. So even a substantial number of friends on the internet do not guarantee that someone is looking out for you! And now we have started to expect so much from technology that we have started expecting less from the people around us. Technology has trapped us, and we willingly let it leash us, forcing us into becoming, socially autistic. We’ve become incapable of understanding, communication and empathy. It’s almost as if technology is draining us of what makes us human. Technology is making us robotic in nature.

Top school in Noida expressway has come up with few ways to deal with this technology trap and will be pleased if people try to avoid use to technology during:-

  • Having meals with family.
  • Avoid using search engines to get knowledge and focus on reading of books.
  • Try to go to play and meet people & make new friends.

We can say that TECHNOLOGY stands for:-
T - Texting over Talking
E - Easy Accessibility
C - Comparison
H - High speed access
N - Nature Interaction is getting limited
O – Outrage
L - Likes & followers/ Lack of real emotions
O - On screen
G – Getting isolated
Y - You are targeted!