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Sibling bonding

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We are connected by an invisible thread of love, care, emotions, duty and protection.

Raksha Bandhan, (also known as Raakhi) is an Indian festival that celebrates this invisible bond of feeling between brothers and sisters. The festival is celebrated according to the Hindu calendar on the full moon day in the month of Shravana. Though it is primarily a North Indian Festival but is accepted in spirit all over the country through the rituals and customs.

It is all started with a kind gesture of Draupadi towards Lord Krishna. As per the ancient story, once lord Krishna accidentally got his finger hurt, then Rukmani asked servants for assistance and Draupadi was standing and soon she looked at Krishna’s bleeding finger, she rushed to him, tore a piece from her sari and tied it around his finger. Lord Krishna was extremely touched by her kind gesture and promised to protect Draupadi. After that, Draupadi used to tie a sacred thread to Krishna every year. The two shared a very special bond. And there are many other legends stories too behind the celebration of Raksha Bandhan.

Raksha Bandhan symbolizes the unmatched bond of love, care and respect. But in a broader perspective, the festival of Rakhi conveys an intrinsic message of universal brotherhood. Thus, the festival of Rakhi conveys a message that has socio-spiritual significance underscoring the need for nurturing of positive qualities such as purity in thought, words and deed. This festival helps siblings realize the importance of growing up together. This invisible connection from one heart to another. A feeling of responsibility comes with this bond, the day it is also creating awareness amongst men who indulge in crime against women. They understand the importance of respecting others too.

Indian is the land of festivals, colours happiness and joy. The trivia of Raksha Bandhan is to bring people together just like the true spirit of all other Indian festivals.