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Schools in noida transmitting quality education for better future

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The future of Indian children with regards to education and development had a historic change with the enactment of Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Act in 2009. To ensure and improve the education quality schools in Noida such as JBM Global School have institute most creative and modern learning technologies and integrated a balanced approach towards the scholastic and co-curricular activities for a holistic development of the child.

The educational philosophy of JBM Global School is to develop the overall personality of the children making them more adaptable to the global culture and respecting the core traditional values of our country. JBM Global has earned the position of one of the most reputed schools in Noida with the serious efforts from the school’s management and the pool of talented teachers who have a perfect mix of traditional and modern learning styles.


Our children grow with the worldwide experience and are cultivated through international knowledge-exchange programmes. We focus on academics as well as extracurricular such as dramatics, robotics, music, sports and many more so that children outshine in multiple disciplines.

After the introduction of Cambridge Primary alongside CBSE.. we have created an edge ahead of most schools in Noida and to ensure a global quality education. Our primary focus is to make the children ready with knowledge and skills required to face the modern and budding global trends and challenges.

For better education and better future of children the primary focus of JBM is to achieve the set educational objectives like improving teaching expertise, integrating information technologies in introducing few subjects in the classroom and creating enhanced learning environment for students. For conveying eminent culture and overall substantial and emotional development the first thing in the morning the JBMites do is to soak in the Sun energy. With the fast paced life it is heartrending to see children have rare outdoor activities which are leading them to become more of a coach potato. Children are becoming addicted to online video games, movies and videos. Although electronic media has become an integral part of a child’s educational journey, it also has loads of side effects. Too much of electronic media harms the mental development and vibrations from these mediums causes unsafe environment for a growing mind and body. Considering both the sides One another challenge faced by the educators of this generation is the distraction in the life of the students from social networking. Children post many things without understanding that the same can affect their relationships or personality. JBM Global School is one of the few schools in Noida who has maintained a balance between the indoor and outdoor exposure. With a huge green area almost 10 acre land children are directed to play outdoor sports and specialized coaches are associated to each sport. Safety measures are given the first priority and children have opportunity to choose from sports like horse ridding, lawn tennis, basketball, skating, volley ball and football. 


There is an old saying ‘health is wealth’ and this modern world with a desire to become more wealthy we tend to ignore our healthy by indulging in unhealthy food habits. However the management in JBM Global School did not ignore this fact and designed a very sumptuous healthy purely vegetarian food for the children. It was often noted that the Tiffin boxes of most children were filled with Maggie, muffins, cookies and mostly packaged food which is

The future of the students and the schools are primarily dependent on the balance maintained between them. Educationist have pointed that without quality teaching just restoring school does not solve the recurring problems in education sector. Although right kind of education is considered as an investment for bright future of the children, Government have failed to upgrade the education sector as it requires huge expenditure. JBM Global School is one of the finest schools in Noida which has successfully implemented quality education which makes the students capable to recognize their talents and flair it to achieve their dreams. JBM believes in skill-based education and adapting to changes that is taking place in the education sector is the unique point in our education philosophy. We have career focused and dynamic ways of imparting teaching techniques like introducing smart class alongside traditional board.


A typical day of a student starts with morning assembly where they have prayers and drill and after that they go to their respective classes. We have an open circle when teachers bond with their children individually to lighten their little hearts and making them emotionally stronger. They listen and talk to the each child who needs attention regarding their problems in understanding concepts academically and also if they want to be connected to them emotionally. In a recent incident a cheerful child of preprimary class seemed gloomy and nonchalant in her attitude. The class teacher notes and identifies that she is gloomy and not interested as she felt neglected at her home after her brother was born. It was then appropriate action was taken by calling the parents for formal counseling. This is just an example of how JBM Global School keeps the track of the emotional well being of all our students.


Therefore we can conclude by saying that an educationist job is never ending. Even after the school is over and last bell rings, the student’s positives and negatives are always on their minds. We are living in a world of cynicism and indifference it is a school’s duty to create a generation who has empathy and can make a difference. There are only few schools in Noida which stimulates the young minds of children for creative control. JBM Global School follows some useful steps for achieving the learning objectives like simple, consistent and continuous teaching modules created by the school management and core group of teachers which is based on hands on experience in the overall school setting. JBM Global School is ever-evolving for transmitting quality education for better future.