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Rising star hima das

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जब जीरो दिया मेरे भारत ने भारत ने मेरे भारत ने, दुनिया को तब गिनती आयी | तारों की भाषा भारत ने दुनिया को पहले सिखलायी | जहां डूब रहा था असम भारत का, वही बेटी उसकी रच रही थी नया इतिहास भारत का | बह रहा था घर उसका और वह लहरा आई विश्व में ध्वज भारत का |

This is Incredible India; we do not wait for opportunities but believe in creating them. It is never about what life throws at you but how you deal with it is more important. The practice is the only way to achieve success in life.

Changing is doing, it should be progressive not perfection one should aim for in life. Our star sprinter made all of us proud. The 19-year-old Hima Das has won five races - four in 200m and one in her pet 400m event -- in Poland and the Czech Republic since July 2. At this very young age, Hima Das proved that time is precious. It is a resource over which you have no control. But you can navigate the time to do all the good you want to do.

Children are the picture of a nation's future. Our hope for bright tomorrow. A school on Noida Expressway understands the need of time to channelize student’s energy properly so that they will unleash a momentum that would propel the nation on the Fast Track to development.In India, games mean cricket and end up on the same whether they win or lose. They always remain in headlines, why? Why our media fails at a time to appreciate those who are working silently for the Nation each day. There is a very famous Chinese proverb - "Talk doesn't cook rice." Hima Das has proved that hard work, focus, determination and clarity of vision are the only tools required to achieve desired goals, no popularity or fame can replace hard work ever. That is the only way to succeed. JBM congrats and salutes Hima Das, to motivate the young generation and to make us proud in the world by creating history. Being one of the best schools in Noida, JBM’s family starts each day with a progressive approach because nature is full of learning lesson, time to learn from Sun- Sun is alone too but still shines bright. Therefore, our children say the sun will rise and we will try again.