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Outperforming oneself

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Outperforming Oneself

Confidence based upon your belief, knowledge and experience.

Life is a stage and we all are actors. Fear is one of the greatest obstacles on the road to life. But strange as it seems, it is not always failure we fear.

The true definition of fear is- False Evidence Appearing Real.

People generally say the journey of life starts in school where the stage is the best platform for each individual to overcome fear. Fear is nothing but merely a creation of our mind. It is a false portrayal through imagination. In schools, we face exam fear, result fear, stage fear, and audience fear.

 Through patterns of thought, action and reaction, one can transform fear into self-confidence, pride and accomplishment. Being one of the schools on Noida Expressway our teachers motivates students to be confident and regularly boosting up them. We provide multiple platforms to our kids to explore and find their interest from Astronomy, Robotics, Innovative Arts, Abacus, Vedic Math and Professional sports. Because if you belief in yourself, your family, your school, your friends. You can combat negative fears by concentrating on your goals, your aspiration and your dreams of success. Dare you to allow your fear to eat away your confidence! There’s no place for the pothole of fear to eat away your confidence.

Students of JMB Global, one of the good schools in Noida shared few tips to gain confidence on stage from holding a mike to gazing audience attention.

1-Golden Rule: - Practice makes perfect.

2-Time to visualize (audience is known)

3-Act confident; build eye contact; focus on body language, facial expressions and tone of voice to put the proper impact on your audience.

4- Practice breathing techniques to increase mental alertness and functioning.

5- Try to be interactive with your audience to set yourself in them.

A confident personality is extremely important in every aspect of a successful life.

Our CBSE curriculum focuses on implementing extra-curricular activities in CBSE schools in Noida to develop children interest or enthusiasm. Enthusiasm is a Greek term meaning “inspired by God.” Enthusiasm is contagious and inspiring. Just act enthusiastic and soon you will discover that you are enthusiast, apply enthusiasm in your life be proud of your school your teachers and its product and services be enthusiastic about your family and friends there is no greater motivation force then believe the conviction that things are true and real. Enthusiasm or interest that depends on one person is sure to wane and die.