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Evolution of modern education system in india

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In India the education system has various aspects and it has evolved since ancient time. The unique things about Indian education system are diversity in fundamentals like language, culture and dialect etc. In the times of yore, India had the Gurukula System of education where the teacher and the pupils used to live together in a distant place and were taught philosophy, arts, science administration and military techniques. Guru was the central persona and the students returned the favour by helping their teacher in their daily chores. Women like Gargi, Gayatri and Maitrayi were prominent personas who participated in educational debates and scholarly researches. However the biggest demerit of the Vedic education was that only one section of society such as the Brahmins had the privilege of education. The Kshatriyas were also given gurucula educations but the lower strata of the society were never imparted any kind of knowledge.


During medieval period Vedic schools and Madrasas were dominant before British colonial intruded. The modern education system was introduced during the British rule. In the 1830s Lord Thomas Babington Macaulay brought English language to India and the syllabus was limited to modern and specific subjects like science, mathematics, language, history, geography and civics. Subjects like philosophy and metaphysics were considered unnecessary at school level education system. The mode of teaching was mainly confined to classroom and the teacher student relationship became stronger. The education system in India got shaped by the influence of various institutions throughout different periods. During the second half of nineteenth century Rama Krishna Mission and the Theosophical Society of India tried to combine the western pattern of education with the congenial ancient knowledge to inspire the young minds of Indians and making them more open and accepted universally. For a rational mind set intellectuals had come together from various countries and have translated their knowledge and skills. Education became free and was allowed to be pursued by anyone without any discrimination like caste, creed religion

and color.As India progressed and got its independence from the British colonial modern education system gradually evolved. Presently in the Indian School System has four levels pre-primary, primary, secondary and higher secondary. There are two national level boards Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) and Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE) and also state boards. Government run schools and the private schools mainly follow both CBSE and ICSE board for their students. However with the introduction of E-Learning through technology many of the private schools are moving towards digitization. Some of the best of schools in Noida like JBM Global School has increased their students engagement with the smart teaching techniques like digital textbooks.


There has been a radical change in the Indian education system from teaching religion, Vedas, scriptures etc to coaching technologies like virtual reality, programming and others. After Independence India established numerous schools to foster education in every region among every strata of the society. English medium schools have sprouted up in every corner of the country therefore it is important for the parents to identify the potentials of their child and send them to the school that is giving the best of education and co-scholastic outlook. JBM Global School is among the best of schools in Noida who have successfully combined both scholastic as well as co-scholastic and is helping the students to excel in all the fronts all over the world.


In the Indian education system the greatest challenge is the vastness and diversity in terms of languages, culture and acceptability of all religions. JBM being one of the best schools in Noida have formed the activity schedule of every session is such a way that students are educated in modern and in contemporary format so that they excel all over the world. The best part in imparting education in JBM�s classroom is by maintaining a good disciple and creating bond between the teacher and the students. For imparting meaningful and creative learning it is important to place disciple in the first place. Our learning techniques mainly focus to think critically and creatively not just by mugging bookish knowledge. To encourage quality education and hands-on dimension even to primary children it is necessary to educate one�s soul first which will define the intellect and its preferred so journ.

With the progress of modern education system in India best schools in Noida focus on the child�s mental health and overall development. Jbm Global School has introduced opening circles where students talk their heart out with the teachers. It is seen that even pre-primary children sometimes goes through emotional downturns and loads of patience, understanding, care and guidance is required to keep their spirits high for overall psychological and mental development. Teachers are trained and services to promote child development are executed in JBM Global School. Teaching modules are made simple, consistent, and are continuously evolved by the core management group based on the hands-on skill in the school backdrop. Then the other teachers are trained in a specialized and in isolation so that they can effectively become councilors in their own way. The program is successful as the teachers are linked to the school system. The entire training of teachers to counsel is supervised by the school management. Thus it can be said that only when a teacher is motivated she can help a child in working effectively and making him a better personality.

As we wind up we can say that the world is now a small global village and education is one of the most important aspect for bonding the future generations. India is a hub of knowledge creation and human resource is cultivated through sound education system. JBM Global School is one of the best schools in Noida with 40 years of experience in education background have successfully put into operation the earlier and modern learning ways so that the student emerge a successful in all phase of life.