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Emerging new technology in education for smart learning

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Emerging new technology in education for smart learning

With this new era of development, a lot of technical things have come into existence which has made our life quicker and much easier than it ever was. The new and advanced technology is being used in almost every field of life, which is just amazing. There is an outstanding contribution of technology in the advancement of the society, along with the educational field too. The pace at which we are using technology in education is multiplying by each day and people are finding creative ways of using technology in education to make it better. It seems to be changing the way in which the students and teachers collaborate inside and outside the classroom. New technology for education is the new trend and has become need of the hour and that is we have decided to enlist few emerging technologies in education with the help of this article. We are going to tell you about those few technologies that van be used to improve the academic life of the students.

1. Social platforms are the most influential things these days and they can be a great source of knowledge to the students. These platforms can provide the lest learning experience to the teachers and the students both. These social learning platforms are easily accessible by the students through their PCs, laptops, phones and tablets, internet connection provided. These social learning platforms now come along with the feature of tracking and scoring, which facilities the teachers to record the performance of their students. After completing special tasks and assignments, children get rewards and earn points which ultimately boost their morale.

2. Elimination of books and use of open resources of education is the one of the most common techniques used in aiding fast learning these days. Well, the joy of eliminating heavy books is just incredible and the possibilities of reducing the cost of education along with it, is just cherry on the cake. With the help of many organizations like OER commons, you can get rid of the burden of the costs of the books and you will be able to free yourself from carrying them around too. So here you go...skill development in 21st century with lower costs.

3. The luxury of online resources is also among the many pros of the use of technology in education. There are numerous free tutorials that are just waiting to be utilized by you. Self directed learning or in the layman's language, self study has never been that much easier like it is these days. You can get the opinions and views of different writers who carry different perspectives about the same subject, just by sitting at one place. So what do you say? It's spectacular. Isn't it??

4. PIAZZA is such a technology which can be used by a teacher to easily manage questions and answers in the class. This technology helps in creating a virtual classroom and students from different schools can be joined together in a discussion. This is a very relevant technology for those teachers who have been asking for incorporating technology into education. One can create as much virtual classes as one wants and there is no limit to the number of classes that one student should join. The students can utilize this platform to ask questions which would be answered by the teachers or other students.

5. UDACITY is a way to pave the path of your future through free interactive classes. A student just has to sign up with free account and he or she can start taking classes. There are also some advance tools available which will monitor your progress and you can also manage your courses with the help of 'my courses' section. When you complete the course then you will get a certificate of completion, which is a benefit of using UDACITY.

6. Cloud based tools are being used by the teachers are being used these days to share files and documents. Of course, web based learning and teaching saves a lot of time and money of the school and it has become a common means of interaction between the students and the teacher. It also allows the students to submit the papers and the assignments for marking and grading. Cloud also facilitates the users to store a lot of documents, music, videos and files ans all of that can be easily accessed through any device which has the ability to connect to the cloud.

7. Game based learning can really be influential for a lot of students and they can learn really fast with its help. We sure as hell love playing games and including games in making us learn something can make us memorise stuffs faster. One can gain a lot of exploring experience and experiment new ways with the help of game based learning. For example, if a nursing student gets teamed up with a hospital and use interactive web based games to deal with real life scenarios, then it can be really stimulating for the learning of the nursing student.


The world has been witnessing a huge transformation, not just in one field buy in each and every area which includes education too. There is no doubt that from kindergarten to higher classes, emerging technologies has revolutionized education and they has made our life comfortable and easy going. Along with it, it has also facilitated us the efficiency and effectiveness of learning and improving the quality of education. But these technologies have not brought much transformation because most of our students are still stuck with obsolete and outdated methods of learning. Unless we include the modernized tools in education system and upgrade our knowledge, the gap between the modern world and our knowledge will keep on increasing. Using the following technologies that are mentioned above is just going to make us more advanced and articulate. These are very handy methods which are expected to be used in every classroom for catalyzing the learning of the students and for increasing their interest in learning.