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Detoxifying young minds

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The window to the past, gives us a clear image of families get together to listen to radio and to enjoy television whereas now we are completely chained with electronic world. We generally start our day with tablets and cell phones; technology is an integral part of our daily lives. Though, technology greatly benefits our day-to-day activities, from instantaneous communication to social sharing to gaming and education for children. But getting lost in the virtual world can be easy- so it’s time to include daily physical activity into our children’s routine to keep them healthy and active!

DETOX ELECTRONIC WORLD - people quit technology, or certain aspect of it, such as gaming, social media for ‘n’ number of reasons, which actually turned out as a wise decision. Ultimate health benefits come along with the type of a detox from techno world. In fact, experts are also suggesting a periodic electronic detox that leads to a beneficial initiative for physical health, mental growth, productivity and relationships. People are not noticing but are addicted to their gadgets. There are the ones with their face in their phone all the time while traveling, or out to dinner with family or friends, at grocery stores and while walking in parks or on roads too.

Electronics make life easy and smooth but isolated us on the same time. This detoxification of technology allows us to establish good mannerisms and strong bonding with others. This detoxification has the potential offering you out of that unhealthy comfort zone. We should give ourselves at least two hours of technology-free time before bedtime in order to gain quality sleep.

JBM Global School at Noida Expressway started with morning coaching sessions including session- Cricket, Volleyball, Basketball, Lawn Tennis, Athletics, Football, Karate, skating and Horse riding in order to keep our children in contact with nature so that they can freshen up their minds early in the morning only to head a fruitful day. We make sure that student of topmost schools in Expressway Noida dedicate their time 50% to outdoor activities and 50%to indoor activities.