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Towards Safety %26 Security of Students

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Towards Safety & Security of Students

Child Safety and Security in Schools is top priority for the best school

In the run of the million schools, one in every three children in India feels their school is not safe “sometimes” while citing deficient infrastructure and lack of toilets among their biggest concerns alongside.

Safety & Security

At JBM Global School we believe that

  • School is an institution of constant learning and development without children worrying about safety at their learning premises. A safe learning environment is essential for students of all ages. Without it they are unable to focus on learning the skills needed for a successful education and future.

Schools in Noida Expressway have

  • personnel stationed at the gate hired from a security agency for security purpose. Visitors are allowed to enter the school premises only after registering their names, mobile verification and capturing the image of the visitor through VDMS (Visitors Data Management System). School also monitors the performance of the security guards that is the constant practice of best schools in Noida.

No entry in the school premises for any driver or conductor except for nannies, housekeeping staff, guards and lady guards. They are under constant supervision by the supervisors and regular briefings that is the sign of times & along with that of top schools of Noida.

Background checks and Police verification of all the employees teaching, nonteaching, male/female is done.

  • School has CCTV cameras installed in every nook and corner and all the vantage points which are being consistently monitored as adopted in best international schools of Noida & all over the world.

As the students are often unsafe when they are waiting to embark a school bus and this is one of the primary problems that parents and schools are facing. But best schools opt for a GPS tracking device on their school buses and the parents will also receive text messages every time the child embarks or disembarks the bus to create security & information network.

Top most private schools have security personnel stationed at the gate and they are usually hired from a security agency. Schools have to ensure that the security agency is trustworthy and parents can check this aspect before admitting their children in a school. Most schools require people who enter the school premises to register their names and phone numbers. Schools should also monitor the performance of the security guards & keep a vigilant check on them.

Constant checking of a student’s attendance is one of the best ways to be able to maintain proper security in a school. We found schools on the expressway with security guards at the gate, instructed to not permit anyone outside the gate without the permission of the school principal or administrative head. This will ensure that children are kept safe during class hours. Even students from Noida extension zero down & select school on Expressway Noida for the sound security system & infrastructure it is JBM continuous endeavor to keep the trust. At JBM child is the axis around which we revolve.